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2020 Spring Term

Kindly note the following important dates for the Dance Project Studios 2019-2020 Virtual Spring Term:

Spring Term Commences 27th April 2020

No Mid Term

Last Day of Term 28th June 2020

ISTD Examinations in both Modern Theatre and Cecchetti Ballet have been postponed to later in the year by the ISTD board. Nonetheless, students pursuing these examinations are required to attend both respective ISTD and Open classes accordingly.

Further to the below class schedule, we are also able to offer one-to-one online sessions in Drama, Vocal & Dance on request. Please contact us for further info.

Register below for each of your Virtual Spring Term Classes

Modern Contemporary

Modern Contemporary Open

Virtual Spring Term FAQs

When should I register for classes?

The validation process on our end once a student registers for a class does take some time. Therefore, we recommend that you register for your classes by this Sunday in order to ensure you are able to join this week's classes.

How do I register for a class?

Each student must register for every subject they wish to enrol in through our Zoom registration process.

Which classes should I register for?

Students should register for the same grade of classes they usually register for with our on-premise classes. Please contact Ms Kristina on 79283343 or admin@danceproject.com.mt should you have any queries on class appropriateness.

Must I register for both ISTD and Open classes in Jazz and/or Ballet?

Students pursuing ISTD examinations are required to register for both the ISTD and Open classes for Jazz and/or Ballet accordingly. Our ISTD classes will strictly focus on syllabus revision whereas our Open classes will focus primarily on core, flexibility and strengthening exercises - both classes are critical to maintaining dancer standard in preparation for examinations.

What can I expect once I register for a subject?

Once a student is registered for a subject, our team will be notified and we will verify and approve your class registration accordingly. Once a registration is approved you will receive an email with the link you are to use to join the weekly class for that subject. Note that the email will be sent to the email address provided when registering for the subject.

Do I use the same link for all my classes?

You are to use the same link for each class of a subject throughout the Spring Term. However, do note that every subject will have a different link - you will receive separate emails approving your registration for each subject and with the respective link you are to use to join the subject classes.

Can I share the class links that I receive?

No, you should not share the class links you receive. We have enabled various security features which help us verify the identity of students as they join our classes. These security features prevent non-registered individuals from joining a class. Furthermore, whilst Zoom remains a third-party application which we have no control of, Zoom Communications Inc. are a reputable company and are constantly developing the security features of their products.

Do I need to install the Zoom application to join classes?

Yes, you will need to download and install the Zoom application to join classes as this ensures a more secure connection for the service we are providing.

Where will our classes be streamed from?

Our teachers will be hosting classes from their personal residences for the time being as we each continue to self-isolate in accordance with government health directives. We will continue to adapt as circumstances evolve.

What space do I require in order to participate in classes?

As most of us are limited for space, the exercises and choreographic work we will focus on will be limited to approximately 3 sqm (area covered with a circular movement of a student with spanned arms), ie we will not be covering any travelling movements in our online classes.

How should I prepare for my classes?

Students should prepare a reasonably quiet space without obstacles for a class. We recommend appropriate dance wear/DPS uniforms as much as possible to help set student mindset. Appropriate footwear is critical for the particular dance discipline. Students should have a water bottle available for each class. A sturdy ballet barre or chair should be on hand for ballet classes. We ask both students and guardians to be familiar with our online class rules.

How may I settle term fees?

In these exceptional circumstances, we ask that you to settle payment via Revolut or Bank Transfer. Do note that we are offering Early Bird pricing at 50% off our standard fees until Saturday 2nd May 2020.

Please note that there will be no scheduled classes for 1st May - Workers' Day since this is a public holiday.